Pulp and Paper Services, LLC
Pulp and Paper Services, LLC
Est. 1996
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378 Railroad Street - Suite 2
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United States
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Identification Services

• FTIR Spectroscopy
• Microphotography
• Product Development
• Reverse Engineering
• Litigation Support
• Defect Identification
• Coating Analysis
• Polymer, Chemical Analysis
Pulp & Paper Analysis

• Sheet Splitting, Z-plane
• Tensile, BL, TEA, Stretch
• Tear, Burst, Caliper, Fold
• COF, Porosity, Stiffness
• Ring Crush, Porosity
• WVTR, Std., Tropical
• Optical Properties
• See Pulp & Paper Page

Fiber Analysis Services

• Fiber Length Distribution
• Fiber Coarseness
• Fiber Species Analysis
• Wood Chip Species
• Pulping Process ID
• Hardwood/Softwood %
• Refining Evaluation
• Synthetic Fiber ID
• Recycled Fiber Content
Pulp and Paper Services, LLC has served industry for over 20 years. Not only have we provided services for the pulp and paper industry, but we have also provided services for other industries such as chemical, consultants, outside laboratories, law firms, oil, food, general manufacturing, and government. We have helped over 150 companies solve problems with their products, quality issues, manufacturing processes, complaint resolution, competitor analysis, product comparison, product certification, and advertising integrity. 

Pulp and Paper Services, LLC was established in 1996 by the husband and wife team of Phillip and Pamela Sirois. We first started by purchasing a microscope and providing fiber species identification analysis. Since that time we have expanded our capabilities that are mentioned in our website. 

Our testing laboratory enables us to help customers with FTIR analysis, product development, defect analysis, fiber identification, pulp and paper testing, and a variety of analytical testing. 

We take an individualistic approach to our projects. You are working directly with the owners of the company when you work with us. 

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that we can help you with your needs. 
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We also work with polymers and other materials.
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Analytical Testing 

 • Pulp Viscosity, Kappa #
 • Total Reducible Sulfur
 • Total Sulfur & Nitrogen
 • FDA Extractables
 • % Starch
 • Library of Congress Std
 • Alpha, Beta, Gamma Cellulose
 • Felt Analysis
 • See Analytical Services Page
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Phillip Sirois
Phillip and Pamela Sirois
Phillip Sirois
Phillip & Pamela Sirois
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Why Use Pulp and Paper Services, LLC?

• The owners of the company perform the analyses.
• The analyses are being done by seasoned professionals, not
   technicians or students.
• Our work is meticulous and reports are customized toward you.
• We have been in business for over 20 years.
• Phillip Sirois has 30 years of analytical analysis experience.
• Pamela Sirois has 28 years of analytical analysis experience.
• We both attended The University of Maine for Chemical Engineering.
• We have both worked as process & production engineers in industry.