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"We take pulp and paper personally."
Pulp and Paper Services, LLC
Est. 1996
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    Identification Services

    • FTIR Spectroscopy
    • Microphotography
    • Product Development
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Litigation Support
    • Defect Identification
    • Coating Analysis
    • Polymer, Chemical Analysis
Pulp and Paper Services, LLC
    Pulp & Paper Analysis

    • Sheet Splitting, Z-plane
    • Tensile, BL, TEA, Stretch
    • Tear, Burst, Caliper, Fold
    • COF, Porosity, Stiffness
    • Ring Crush, Porosity
    • WVTR, Std., Tropical
    • Optical Properties
    • More see Pulp & Paper Page

PO Box 4582, 378 Railroad Street - Suite 2, Saint Johnsbury, Vermont  05819
    Fiber Analysis Services

    • Fiber Length Distribution
    • Fiber Coarseness
    • Fiber Species Analysis
    • Wood Chip Species
    • Pulping Process ID
    • Hardwood/Softwood %
    • Refining Evaluation
    • Synthetic Fiber ID
    • Recycled Fiber Content
Pulp and Paper Services was established in 1996 by the husband and wife team of Phillip and Pamela Sirois.  We both attended University of Maine, Chemical Engineering and have worked as process engineers in the industry.  We first started by purchasing a microscope and providing fiber species identification services.  Since that time we have expanded our capabilities to include FTIR spectroscopy, material identification, fiber analysis, pulp and paper testing, and analytical testing. Our material testing laboratory enables us to help customers with product development, defect analysis, fiber identification, pulp and paper testing, and a variety of analytical testing.
Bruker Vector 22 FTIR
Lodgepole Pine Fiber
​- Bruker Vector 22 FTIR w/Pike ATR                  - ANTEK Sulfur/Nitrogen Analyzer
- Library of 110,000 IR Spectra                           - Beloit Sheet Splitter             
- Olympus Phase Contrast Optics                       - PE AA Flame/Graphite Furnace Spectrophotometer 
- Olympus Digital Photo Microscopy                   - Various Paper/Pulp Testing Equipment                               
We also work with polymers and other materials.
Abaca Fibers
       Need consulting for process trouble shooting? 
     Analytical Testing

 • Pulp Viscosity, Kappa Number
 • Total Reducible Sulfur
 • Total Sulfur and Nitrogen
 • FDA Extractables
 • % Starch
 • Library of Congress Std
 • Alpha, Beta, Gamma Cellulose
 • More, see Pulp & Paper
   Analysis Page
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