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Pulp and Paper Services, LLC
Est. 1996
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Analysis Services for the Paper, Pulp, Polymer, and Legal Industries.
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Hardwood Groundwood and Hardwood Kraft

Identification Services

• FTIR Spectroscopy
• Spectral Interpretation
• Defect Identification
• Unknown Identification
• Reverse Engineering
• Litigation Support
• Photomicroscopy
• Coating Analysis
• Polymer, Chemical Analysis

Fiber Analysis Services

• Morfi Automated Fiber Analysis
• Fiber Coarseness
• Fiber Species Analysis
• Wood Chip Species
• Pulping Process ID
• Hardwood %/Softwood %
• Refining Evaluation
• Synthetic Fiber ID
• Recycled Fiber Content

Analytical Testing 

 • Pulp Viscosity, Kappa #
 • Total Reducible Sulfur
 • Total Sulfur & Nitrogen
 • FDA Extractables
 • % Starch
 • Library of Congress Std
 • Alpha, Beta, Gamma Cellulose
 • Felt Analysis
 • See Analytical Services Page

Pulp & Paper Analysis

• Sheet Splitting, Z-plane
• Tensile, BL, TEA, Stretch
• Tear, Burst, Caliper, Fold
• COF, Stiffness
• Ring Crush, Porosity
• WVTR, Std., Tropical
• Optical Properties
• See Pulp & Paper Page
Phillip & Pamela Sirois
Pulp and Paper Services, LLC has served industry for over 21 years. Not only have we provided services for the pulp and paper industry, but we have also provided services for other industries such as chemical, consultants, outside laboratories, law firms, oil, food, general manufacturing, and government. We have helped over 150 companies solve problems with their products, quality issues, manufacturing processes, complaint resolution, competitor analysis, product comparison, product certification, and advertising integrity. 

Pulp and Paper Services, LLC was established in 1996 by our own husband and wife team.  We started by providing fiber species analysis, expanded with fiber length and coarseness, total reducible sulfur, permanence testing, FTIR spectroscopy, physical pulp and paper testing, AA-GFAA spectroscopy, sheet splitting, automated fiber analysis, felt analysis, plus more.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that we can help you with your analysis needs.
​• FTIR Spectroscopy
​• Spectral Interpretation (400,000 spectra)
• Morfi Automated Fiber Analysis
• Material/Defect Identification
• Deformulation   
• Coating Analysis
• Sheet Splitting
​• Z-Directional Studies
​• Fiber Species Analysis
​• Felt Analysis
• Permanence Testing
• Refining Assessment
• Litigation Support
• Percent Starch               ​  
• Total Reducible Sulfur
• Total Nitrogen & Sulfur
​• Photomicroscopy

About Us
"I hired PPS in relation to a legal case.  I found them to be very knowledgeable, truly stellar experts in the field of paper.  With their expert testing and reports we were able to easily achieve a meaningful victory in the case.  I highly recommend them".

Phillip Sirois
Pulp and Paper Services, LLC
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Some of Our Specialties

Why Customers Like Pulp and Paper Services, LLC
"We have utilized Pulp and Paper Services, LLC for over 17 years. They have continuously provided extremely high quality work in the areas of used felt analysis and material identification by FTIR spectroscopy.  This work includes identifying deposits etc. in forming fabrics, wet felts, dryer fabrics as well as white water saveall sectors. They also have been extremely helpful assisting with process engineering type problems.  I have recommended their services to many over the years and continue to do so."

"Pulp & Paper Services has been a great problem solving resource for over 2 decades to myself and my employers.  Phil's great analytical skills have led to solutions in product development, operations improvement, and legal issues that I was challenged to design a path forward.  A number of these challenges required a quick response and Phil and his associates met the timetable".

"We've relied on Pulp and Paper Services to help us with our analytical needs including: competitive analysis, contamination qualification, performance failure analysis, verification of fibrous and chemical content, etc.  We can count on a timely and quality response to our requests for service with clear, concise written explanation of results.  I unreservedly, can recommend Pulp and Paper Services to provide analytical expertise to our industry."

Mix of Hardwood Kraft & Hardwood TMP
Bruker Vector 22 FTIR
Morfii Fiber Analyzer
Ash Furnace